HTML Script Plugin

To display your team members on your firm’s website using our HTML / Script plugin please follow the steps below (please use our WordPress plugin instead if you are using WordPress on your firm’s website):

Step 1: Download The Plugin

Login to your account on and download the plugin which is available in your account area under the ‘Plugins’ tab.

Step 2: Check That Your Website Is Already Using jQuery

Your website is probably already using jQuery but please check that this is being used as it will not work without this. If you need to add jQuery to your website this guide to adding jQuery is very easy to follow (the Google CDN method of adding jQuery shown within the jQuery guide is recommended):

Step 3: Add The Code

Copy the code you wish to use from the file provided in our download and then past this code into your HTML page. Then upload your HTML page to your website hosting / server via FTP.

Your team should now be integrated on your website (please ensure you have also added your team members via your account / login area).

Help! It’s Not Working:

If you find that after doing the above steps that your team members are not displaying please check the following:

If after checking the above you are still having issues displaying your team then please login to your account on and click the ‘Support’ tab where you can request help and we will do all we can to get things working.