Developer Plugin (WordPress)

To display your team members on your firm’s website using our WordPress Developer plugin please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download The Plugins (Use Both!)

Login to your account on and download the standard WordPress plugin as well as the Developer WordPress Plugin which are both available in your account area under the ‘Plugins’ tab.

Step 2: Upload And Activate Both Plugins

You then need to add both of the plugins to your website and activate both of them.

Step 3: Add The Team Page And Reference The Template Page

You will now need to create 2 pages on your firm’s website within your WordPress login environment on your firm’s website.

The first page is to hold all of the team members and the second page will act as the template file that will control what is shown for each individual employee when they are viewed.

Create a page to hold your team members (page could be called ‘Team’ or ‘Our People’ or anything you choose).

You then need to create another page that will be responsible for the template file that controls the layouts for every team member. This can be a custom built WordPress template file but you will need to use our shortcodes within this template file. The template file will act as the basis for all team members so this is a very powerful page / file for controlling the layouts for how each team member should be displayed on your website. You might want to call this page ‘Template’ or ‘Employee Template’ or something similar just so it is clear what the purpose of this page is for.

Once you have created the template page you need to go back to the first page that holds the team members (mentioned above as possibly having a title like ‘Team’ page or ‘Our People’ page) and on this ‘Team’ holding page you need to add the following shortcode that references the template file: [legal_people_client detail_page_url=””]

You will need to replace the domain with your own website’s domain and also change the page url shown here as ‘/template/’ if you have used something different.

Step 4: Code The Template File

Now that you have a team page and a second page to hold the template you need to code your template file. To do this you will probably want to create a custom template file and code the layouts plus insert our shortcodes where you want employees details to go.

Within your template file you can use the following shortcodes:

Name: [legal_people_dev key=”name”]
Job Title: [legal_people_dev key=”job_title”]
Phone: [legal_people_dev key=”phone”]
Mobile: [legal_people_dev key=”mobile”]

Email: [legal_people_dev key=”email”]
Department: [legal_people_dev key=”department”]
Biography: [legal_people_dev key=”biography”]
Qualification: [legal_people_dev key=”qualification”]

Thumbnail: [legal_people_dev key=”thumbnail”]
Picture: [legal_people_dev key=”photo”]

An example of using a shortcode in a template file:

In the template file you could use for example:

echo do_shortcode(‘[legal_people_dev key=”job_title”]’);

This would then show an employees job title anywhere that you place it in the template file. Remember that the template file acts for the layouts for all employees so spending time on this will benefit the pages for all team members.

Note: Please also notice the use of single and double quotation marks in the example above as a shortcode is unlikely to work if you do not use both single and double quotation marks.

Help! It’s Not Working:

If you find that after doing the above steps that your team members are not displaying please check the following:

If after checking the above you are still having issues displaying your team then please login to your account on and click the ‘Support’ tab where you can request help and we will do all we can to get things working.